Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dried Apricots? An Answer For Bearded Dragon Owners

Bearded dragons are awesome! They are fun to watch, they always get a reaction from people, and their personalities can be so great. But even though bearded dragons have been around for decades now, there is still lots of confusion on what they should eat.

You probably already heard that apricots don’t do well with reptiles or birds because the seeds can potentially cause impaction in those kinds of animals. Or maybe you were just curious if your beardie could eat dried apricots, and no one has given you a definitive answer.

It’s important to remember that the best way to know if a food item is good for our pets is by finding out from their vets. Different foods may be okay and bad depending on what kind of pet we have and which species it comes from.

This article will give you an answer borne out of research and tell you if your bearded dragon can eat dried apricots.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dried Apricots?
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Can bearded dragons eat dried apricots?

The answer is yes! While dried apricots are a rare treat for bearded dragons, they are suitable as long as the dragon has been fed a healthy diet.

Bearded dragon owners can feed dried apricots to their bearded dragons as long as the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio is 2:1. To make sure that the dietary needs of a bearded dragon are met, you should supplement with at least one 10% Calcium/D3 powder and one 7% C/P powdered food once every two weeks.

Bearded dragons are omnivores, and they can eat a variety of fruits. However, if your bearded dragon eats too much dried fruit at once it could lead to digestive problems. If you notice that the beardie is eating more than three pieces of dried fruit in one sitting then keep an eye on them as this might not be healthy for them either.

What are the benefits of dried apricots?

Good source of Vitamin A & C

Bearded Dragons love to eat dried apricots, which provide them with a great source of Vitamin A and C. As you can see from this table on wikipedia, apricots are a good source of energy. They also contain vitamin C and other vitamins that are important for bearded dragons in captivity. These reptiles need more energy than they get from their artificial habitat to stay healthy, so be sure to include them as part of your diet plan!

Naturally high in water content

Dried apricots are naturally high water content food. They offer hydration benefits for bearded dragons and other small reptiles, like leopard geckos, that need to be hydrated at all times.

How to prepare apricots for Bearded Dragons?

Choosing the right apricots

Bearded Dragons like to eat dried apricots. The problem is that the nutritional value from dried fruits decreases after a certain period of time because they lose their essential nutrients and therefore not healthy for reptiles to eat anymore.

Fresh fruits have more nutrients than dried ones, so when you are choosing your fruit for Bearded Dragons, go with fresh ones only.


If you want your Bearded Dragon to eat dried apricots, you would need to chop the apricots. You should chop the fruit into smaller pieces and feed them to your pet in small amounts throughout the day.


Bearded Dragons are omnivores, so they should be able to eat both dried apricots and fresh fruits. To make sure that your dragon is getting enough nutrition from the fruit you’re giving him, consider mixing it with some other food items.

How often can bearded dragons eat apricots?

Bearded dragons are omnivores and can eat a variety of foods, including dried apricots. When feeding them dried apricots, it is important to provide 5 pieces every other week so that they don’t overeat or risk an upset stomach. However, the frequency of feeding depends on how much they are eating and their age.

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