Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peas And Carrots?

Your bearded dragon seems really hungry and you’re worried that he might have the wrong diet. He looks at his bowl of food, with peas, carrots and some dry cat food in it. But then he starts chewing on a piece of wood instead—can bearded dragons eat peas and carrots?

This is a question that commonly arises when people first buy a pet. It can be easy to get confused about feeding your new beardie. Before you know it, he’s out of his bowl and on top of the refrigerator eating everything in sight!

If you are wondering if bearded dragons can eat peas and carrots, the answer is yes! But they should only be fed a small amount. Do not feed them too many vegetables because of how high in carb this food category is.

Bearded dragons are cool pets, but they need a special diet that can be hard to keep up with. Vegetables have varying nutritional properties and some can cause digestive problems for your pet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peas And Carrots?

Bearded dragons, like all reptiles and amphibians, should be fed a variety of vegetables to meet their nutritional needs. Some vegetables that bearded dragons can eat include peas, carrots, lettuce leaves as well other leafy greens.

However, it is not recommended that you feed your bearded dragon peas and carrots regularly because these vegetables contain less nutritional value than other vegetables like zucchini or green beans.

If you decide to give them occasionally as a treat only, be sure to mash the vegetable into small pieces for your beardy before feeding him so he does not choke on large chunks

Bearded dragons need vegetables in their diet, but they don’t necessarily have to be high-quality vegetables. Vegetables such as peas and carrots are generally not too high in nutritional value, but can provide some protein and fiber that bearded dragons need to stay healthy.

The Nutritional Facts of Peas and carrots

Peas can make a good, healthy meal that is full of nutrients and energy. In short, the nutritional information of peas and carrots is very different. The chart here shows that there are a lot more carbohydrates in 100g servings than protein or calcium. In addition, the calcium to phosphorous ratio is not balanced out for bearded dragons because they need less phosphorus than humans do; so it’s best if you don’t feed them this food as their staple diet.

Bearded Dragons can be fed peas as occasional treats only!

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pea Pods?

Bearded dragons cannot eat peas pods. Pea pods have no nutritional value and contain toxins that can cause life-threatening conditions. When pea pods dry out and split open, bearded dragons will often ignore them because the peas inside have already been consumed. They should be able to eat carrots and other vegetables if they’re not in their natural state as well.

Peas are a good treat for bearded dragons once in a while because the lack of nutrients and iron is relatively low. Bearded dragon’s natural diet consists mostly of bugs, so there is not much need to feed them vegetables like carrots as well as pea sprouts which are also high in protein content that beardies love!

The green pea pods are divided into four categories: snap (or whole), sugar, snow and pea pods. Snap peas contain a lot of water in addition to nutrients for the dragon. They must not be given to bearded dragons because their stomachs cannot process it properly.

Snow peas do have some nutritional value, so if you feed them only those with no other vegetables or fruits in between meals then they will be fine.

Bearded dragons can eat snap, sugar and garden peas. Sugar snap peas are a blend of whole pod peas and garden peas. Whole snap peas may be a choking hazard for younger dragons, but it is not recommended to feed them whole pods with little teeth that would easily break off in the dragon’s mouth.

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