Can I give my Bearded Dragon Liquid Calcium?

Bearded Dragons are popular pets and people think they are fun to own. However, providing them with a daily diet of foods that is heavy in calcium can make them grow too fast, which can lead to health problems. So, is it safe to give a Bearded Dragon Liquid Calcium without worrying about them eating too much?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have a bearded dragon. And if you have one of these adorable creatures, then there’s no doubt that one of your major questions is: can I give my bearded dragon liquid calcium?

The short answer is yes!. Liquid calcium is perfectly acceptable. To give your bearded dragon extra liquid calcium you can either pour it into a small dish and splash it over your dragon’s food or you can add liquid calcium to their water.

To avoid overdosing and hypercalcemia, make sure you strictly adhere to the dosage instructions. You may buy liquid calcium and liquid multivitamin from here. Since multivitamins and D3 are frequently given on the same day, I recommend calcium without D3 and multivitamins with D3.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve given my own beardies liquid calcium on many, many occasions. To me, a bearded dragon that is healthy and active is a happy bearded dragon. And when they’re well and happy, then they’re the most amazing creatures in the world.

Sometimes you may be too busy or forgetful to remember to give your pet calcium and other vitamins regularly. This is where liquid calcium comes in. You can mix it into their food or even their water. Dragons will love the taste and you can rest assured that they’ve had their supplements without you having to remember.

One of the most common questions asked about liquid calcium is: “Does it go bad?”. The answer is: YES! You need to use it quickly after opening and seal tightly when not in use. Also, always check the expiration date before buying your supplements.

This is to prevent any issues in the long run with your pet. There will be some companies that may put a much longer expiration on their supplements in order to enhance sales. Some people have had issues with the liquid calcium going rancid or getting the powder too thick.

Can I give my Bearded Dragon Liquid Calcium?

How to give bearded dragon liquid calcium

There are several ways you can administer liquid calcium to your bearded  dragon:

1. With food

I find that adding a small amount of liquid calcium to my lizard’s food helps get more use out of it, but I always keep some extra just in case. For me, this is the easiest way as you can combine it with their food. All you need do is to simply lace your beardie’s food with liquid calcium.

Just like supplements, you can add liquid calcium to your bearded dragon’s food. The calcium will get absorbed by your lizard and then be used in many bodily functions but mainly bone development and egg-laying.

If you decide to skip the liquid calcium, don’t worry. You should provide them with a healthy balanced diet of greens, fruits, insects, and meat to ensure their bone and skin health is up to scratch. I also believe that you should buy the D3 supplement for bearded dragons which will help with bone development

2. Adding it to the water

I’ve seen several videos where people add liquid calcium to their dragon’s water. However, your beardie may get the calcium by crawling in the water dish and licking up what’s leftover. Also, when your pet drinks from a water dish they are often drinking a lot of air with it and that could cause them issues in the future.

The calcium in the water is also vital for reptilian health. Even if you don’t give your dragon any bone-building supplements, the calcium in the water will help them go through their day unscathed.

You can even try using pure distilled water if you do not want to use tap water or bottled water for any reason. This is an option that I pondered in the past.

When it comes to calcium, water is just as good as any other liquid. You should be wary of supplements that contain too much calcium or calcium carbonate. This can lead to kidney stones and urolithiasis (bladder stones). The total amount of calcium you feed your bearded dragon should not exceed 250mg per day.

I recommend staying with natural and untreated water sources for your dragon if you’re not sure which water would be best.

3. Injected into the skin/gills

I have not heard of anyone trying to inject liquid calcium into their pet, but this may be the best method. If in doubt, inject it (or use a subcutaneous needle) into the skin on the chest.

There are a lot of people that don’t know this but some animals actually have very low levels of calcium in their diet. This can lead to problems when you increase the amount of calcium they are being given.

How often should I give my bearded dragon liquid calcium?

To know how often you should give your bearded dragon liquid calcium, you need to determine the dosage per day that is required of a bearded dragon. Aside from that, giving your beardie liquid calcium one or two times a week is not a bad idea.

Bearded dragons are omnivores and need to take in nutrients from both their prey and vegetables. As adults, bearded dragons should consume calcium supplements twice weekly.

What is the best liquid calcium for bearded dragons?

Bearded Dragons, like other reptiles, are naturally lizards and need to eat vegetables and greens to get the calcium they need from food. Unfortunately, most of the vegetables and greens we want them to eat are not readily available in most households. It can be difficult for people to get all the nutrition they need through their diet alone, so they are often advised to supplement their diets with animal products.

When your dragon refuses to consume dusted foods, the Exo Tera liquid calcium has shown to be an efficient liquid remedy. Because it’s in liquid form, it’s critical that you read the instructions carefully to avoid overdosing or underdosing your dragon. If your dragon refuses to eat calcium in any other form, this is the only option.


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