Is Eco Earth Good For Bearded Dragons?

You are a bearded dragon owner and worry that you might not be able to provide your pet with the eco-friendly materials it needs.

Bearded dragons need natural products like Eco Earth in order to live healthy lives. There is now no excuse for giving your beardie anything other than organic, healthful clay gravels and bedding–or buying this all at once!

Read our article about how this Eco earth substrate can help keep your bearded dragon happy, healthy and safe.

Is eco earth good for bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons are exotic pets, so it’s best to use natural foods for their diet. Eco Earth is a type of substrate that can be used in bearded dragon habitats. Some alternatives include using eco earth as the main substrate and supplementing with other types of substrates like coconut husk or cypress mulch.

In order to provide a healthy life for bearded dragons, it is important that you provide them with eco earth substrate. Its moisture-retaining properties make it easy to maintain humidity in the cage and gives beardies a place where they can hide from predators or enjoy themselves while being safe.

Eco earth is touted as a natural terrarium substrate produced from coconut husks that are good for reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Eco earth’s features include being great for tropical areas, retaining humidity, being useful for burrowing and tunnelling, and absorbing odors.

As long as correct moisture and humidity levels are maintained to replicate the natural environment of bearded dragons, eco earth should be safe to use.

Given that eco earth is composed entirely of coconut husks and is fully biodegradable and natural, it seems like the kind of substrate your bearded dragon has been dreaming about. However, determining whether it is the most suitable or optimal substrate for you and your bearded dragon will involve some trial and error and personal choice.

For the purposes of this post, we will cover what makes eco earth a good substrate for bearded dragons, the many applications, and a few drawbacks for bearded dragon owners while using this product.


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Pros of Using Eco Earth For Your Bearded Dragon

Eco Earth is a substrate that can be mixed with sand to create a more comfortable basking area for your bearded dragons. It’s also suitable for use in other terrariums, such as those created with plastic tanks and glass lids. Bearded dragons are fans of burrowing, so they will enjoy using this type of substrate to help them feel more secure while basking.

Eco earth substrate can be used as ground cover for your bearded dragon. It makes it easier to provide them with the opportunity to cool off and give their female beardie space in which she might lay her eggs or go into brumation (a state of rest, during which they will not eat). This type of flooring is perfect for burrowing because they are known to do this on occasion when there isn’t anything else around and becomes more active at night.

Eco Earth is a natural material that absorbs the foul and decomposing vegetation, making it an all-natural way to keep your bearded dragon’s enclosure clean. It doesn’t need to be completely changed out all the time because of its ability to absorb odors between cleanings.

In conclusion, Eco Earth is beneficial for keeping your beardie healthy as well as smelling fresh in their habitat without maintenance or excessive effort on behalf of you or them!

Cons of Using Eco Earth For Your Bearded Dragon

Eco Earth is a substrate used for bearded dragons that can help maintain humidity levels, but it’s not the best option. While Eco Earth does keep humidity levels stable and helps prevent respiratory issues, some bearded dragons have trouble maintaining their body temperature using this substrate. The most important thing about an eco earth is it must contain moisture in order to remain moist.

Eco Earth is often used because it creates an ideal environment where the dragon can thrive and be healthy, but there are also some disadvantages to using this type of substrate that must be kept in mind before deciding on whether or not to use it with your pet.

One disadvantage is that Eco Earth does have minimum requirements for temperature- which means if you live in a tropical climate like many people do, then this may not be the best option since they do not need or thrive in a tropical climate.

Does the combination of silicone and Eco Earth cause impaction?

Eco Earth is a natural product made from recycled materials. It is safe to use, and it has been recommended by veterinarians for bearded dragons. However, silicone should not be used in the same habitat as Eco Earth because of its potential to cause impaction which can lead to death.

Conclusion on Eco Earth for Bearded Dragons

If you are using Eco Earth as a substrate for your bearded dragons. It’s important to provide her with a lay box if she’s about to lay eggs, but it is also important that she has enough room and can dig in something like the Eco Earth.

Thus, it is best to know the needs of your bearded dragon before deciding on a substrate. Eco earth has been designed for beardies and provides an excellent alternative to sand and other substrates that can be harmful in the long run.

It’s also made from fibers of coconut husks which makes it completely natural but still offers some benefits such as increased humidity levels in their homes and a healthy environment overall without being too dusty or dirty like many other forms of substrate.

Eco Earth for Bearded Dragons has no chemicals or impurities. It closely resembles the material found in a bearded dragon’s natural habitat, so you know what your pet is getting without having to worry about allergies and sensitivities.

If you are looking to use Eco Earth as your substrate, it’s best suited for bearded dragons because they have very specific needs when it comes to their environment. As such, contact your local herp vet if there are any medical concerns and reach out to your local pet store for more information about the substrate best suited for bearded dragons.

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